Posture Improvement

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  • The effects of our busy lives on the go, in the car and at the computer show up in our posture.

    Posture is the body’s ability to maintain its structure and coordination through the nervous system. Optimum posture allows the body to move and function as designed, and without pain. Poor posture adds increased stress and dysfunction on the whole body, increasing the likelihood of pain, reduced range of motion, and cascading problems over time.

    We measure your postural changes each step of the way, giving us the objective feedback we need to ensure your progress and the results of our treatment.

    “I started Chiropractic care at Evolve with Dr. Justin 3 weeks ago after a chance meeting fishing. I had been having mid back and right shoulder pain that was obvious by the way I was “hunched over”.

    I have never believed in Chiropractic or natural health care in my life but took a chance since I was sick of taking pain medication and wanted to avoid shoulder surgery.

    I am very happy to have given this a chance as I have very little mid back and shoulder pain after 6 visits. I am grateful for that as well as the freedom in my breath and movements throughout my old body. I am 58 years old and cannot believe how much better I feel in general, with better sleep and daily energy.

    I thought chiropractors just “cracked backs” and my experience at Evolve has taught me different. Thanks, Dr. Justin, I am so much better! See you on the river!”

    -Paul Rexton.