Nervous System Restoration

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  • The nervous system is the software of the body, transferring messages and commands from the brain to the body.

    When the communication becomes unpredictable, spotty, or broken, the body can no longer function the way it needs to in order to heal and stay in optimum health. This miscommunication can even cause or exacerbate physical issues.

    We measure the nervous system function with infrared thermography, an objective measurement tool that allows us to specifically diagnose your pain and dysfunction. Through a variety of Chiropractic techniques we apply an effective personalized style to maximize your healing.

    We measure your progress every step of the way from pain towards sustainable health improvement.

    “I came to “evolve” with neck pain with limited range of motion. When I turned my neck, I turned my shoulders as well. Depending on the pain, I would take either prescription strength ibuprofen or naproxen daily.

    After a series of adjustments from Dr. Justin I now have significantly improved neck movement from side to side and have been prescription free for three weeks!

    An added benefit is that I can feel my fingertips on my left hand! Thanks Dr. Justin! “Evolve” is a great space – clean, efficient and relaxing! Love the music!”

    -Debbie Goslin.