Flow and Performance

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  • From weekend warriors to professional competitors – get the treatment you need to always run in peak condition, reduce injury, and recover effectively.

    All athletes benefit from the increased function of their nervous system both in the enjoyment of their sport and in the results they get when they need to perform. Coordination, motion and recovery are all increased through specific care.

    In our office we do not just adjust the spine, but adjust all extremities and ancillary soft tissue. Elite athletes focused on the highest mental state, the “theta state” find our nervous system reorganization a solid foundation to accessing the “flow” on a more consistent and defined basis.

    “Dr. Justin is truly an amazing healer and Doctor. I found him through a mutual friend and was immediately blown away at his presence with me and his abilities to solve my health concern completely. I have been to over 30 Chiropractors in my life and the care and education I receive from Dr. Justin tops all of them. My only hope is that the rest of the world finds Dr. Justin so they can experience life completely like I am now. Thank You Dr. J!!”

    -Wendy Wilson.