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  • Dr. Justin Goslin, D.C.

    Described by his clients as a health alchemist, Justin Goslin DC is a Chiropractor who goes beyond the “quick fix” to solve the underlying sources of pain and dysfunction. And most importantly, he takes a science based approach, measuring your progress every step of the way.

    With a passion for helping people open to what is possible in their healing and wellness journey, Dr. Justin specializes in creating lifelong, pain free health. Through the application of specific, gentle Chiropractic care, Dr. Goslin alleviates pain and physical dysfunction in every individual in order to allow their maximum health goals and wellness potential to be attained.

    From an early age, he recognized and pursued the deep connection between spirit and the science of life.

    This passion not only led him to become a trained Chiropractor, but also energized his pursuit of multiple post graduate certifications in his field. He carried over his passionate knowledge of the body and wellness paradigm into Evolve Chiropractic Studio, where he sees clients that range from new born infants to world champion athletes.

    Dr. Justin Goslin has provided corrective, re-organizational health care to thousands of patients in his practices in California, Washington and on multiple national/ international “mission” trips.

    Chiropractic highlights:

    • Graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, Ca
    • Lead intern Mission Trip America- Free health clinic in mission district of San Francisco, Ca
    • Chiropractor for “Chiro- church”- Chiropractic clinic in San Rafael, CA for underprivileged.
    • Chiropractor for C.E.D. Tibetan Orphanage/Elder Home, Dehradun, India
    • Graduate of “New Current” Chiropractic excellence program

    Post-Graduate Certifications:

    • Pediatrics/Pregnancy
    • Extremities
    • Activator Methods
    • Network Spinal analysis
    • Bio-geometric integration
    • Gonstead Structural Correction

    Currently a member and participant in the International Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Assocaiation, and Association for Re-organizational Living.

    “Dr. Justin is blessed in many ways but God has blessed him majorly with a healing touch and helping our nervous systems work the way they were intended to!

    He has changed how my body works on a daily basis for the better and has helped my mom be rid of migraines she has had for over 15 years on a multiple times per month basis!!! You will not regret seeing Dr. Justin, he cares more than any other Chiropractor I have ever seen!!!”

    -Kody O.

    Renton, WA